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All About Us:

DMX Motorsports TV show brings a whole new outlook to motorcycling, snowmobiling, stock car racing and hunting.

DMX Motorsports covers each sport in a wide range of events and interests. Along with our coverage of stock car, road, circle track and drag racing, DMX covers cruiser, dirt and sport bike motorcycling, snowmobile racing and trail events.  

Mark Mensch at DMX Motorsports are here to bring you the most down to earth coverage of these sports. Each week a representative from a manufacturer or vendor is invited to our TV show from different makes and models to keep or readers and viewers informed of new products and replacement parts through out the seasons.

Our Show is about Education, New Products, and Services for our Viewers and Fans to stay on top of their game. Our show continues to grow and reach new people each month. You can view us on Comcast ch 25 every Friday at Midnight and Saturday at 2PM.