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DMX Motorsports Gears Up for National Audience

Check out an Article by Rick Martinez for Rapid Growth Media, which details DMX Motorsports charge towards a national cable network to carry DMX Motorsports Show!

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Now Playing: Sno-Motion 2009 & the Kalamazoo Speedway Klash Race

DMX Motorsports visits Nelson Speed Shop in Greenville, MI for their annual Sno-Motion. Nelson's creates a snowmobile track in August every year, check out all the racing action. Also in this episode DMX Motorsports catches the racing action at Kalamazoo Speedway for the Klash Race!


Want to ride your snowmobile in the summer?

Well now you can with with a Y.A.V (Year Around Vehicles) conversion kit. Check it out at (click here to visit the website)

 DMX Motorsports YAV Conversion